Room 5

A gap opens up in the course of the exhibition. The mannequin is renounced, the display of fashion reconfigured. The surface of the industrial workbench is turned into a showcase to focus attention on fashion as a designed object. The horizontality of the bench is mirrored in the vertical display cabinets on the walls: the more experimental items of knitwear and clothing are laid out flat to emphasize the qualities of their construction and their graphic designs.

From the avant-garde experiences of Archizoom Associati's dressing design and the experimental research of Nanni Strada to the decorative tours-de-force of innovative knitwear, represented by examples of excellence like Pour Toi, Missoni, Krizia and Fuzzi. The unprecedented juxtaposition of these items forms a landscape that reveals a still little-known quality of Italian fashion design. Drawings and other images complete this scenario and contribute to the presentation of a rigorous and highly imaginative kaleidoscope of creativity.